“He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness.” John 8. 12 

A. Steele   8.8.6.

Come, dearest Lord, and melt my heart,
Thy animating power impart,
Blest Source of life divine!
Jesus, thy love alone can give
The will to rise, the power to live,
For every grace is thine.

If in my soul thy Spirit’s ray
Has ever turned my night to day,
I bless thee for the same;
But O! when gloomy clouds arise,
And veil thy glory from my eyes,
I know not where I am.

Without thy life-inspiring ray,
My soul is filled with sad dismay;
Each cheerful grace declines;
Yet I must live on thee, dear Lord,
For still in thy unchanging word,
A beam of comfort shines.

Yes, on thy word alone I’ll rest,
And hang upon thy arm; thy breast
Shall be my soft repose.
With the beloved disciple, I
Would on thy sacred bosom lie,
’Midst all my sins and woes.

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