“There is a river.” Ps. 46. 4; Ezek. 47. 1-12

S. Medley           L.M.

While the dear saints of God below
Travel this vale of sin and woe,
There is a river through the road,
“Makes glad the city of our God.”

This river is his heavenly love,
Proceeding from the throne above;
And all its streams which here are found,
With comfort, joy, and peace abound.

Blest river! great its virtues are;
Pure river, O how sweet and clear!
Deep river, through the desert way;
Full river, never to decay!

Ye thirsty, poor, and needy souls,
For you this wondrous river rolls.
Though sin and sorrow make you sad,
Yet drink, and let your hearts be glad.

Drink, and for ever bless his name,
From whom these streams of mercy came :
Drink, for the fountain’s open still;
Drink, for he says, “Whoever will.”

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