Freedom from Law by Christ’s Redemption. 1 John 1. 7

J. Berridge                       C.M.

Does conscience lay a guilty charge,
And Moses much condemn,
And bring in bills exceeding large?
Let Jesus answer them.

He paid thy ransom with his hand,
And every score did quit;
And Moses never can demand
Two payments of one debt.

Now justice smiles on mercy sweet,
And looks well reconciled;
Joined hand in hand, they go to meet
And kiss a weeping child.

But ask the Lord for his receipt,
To show the payment good,
Delivered from the mercy-seat,
And sprinkled with his blood.

The law thy feet will not enlarge,
Nor give thy conscience rest,
Till thou canst find a full discharge
Locked up within thy breast.

[The sight of this will melt thy heart,
And make thy eyes run o’er.
A happy, pardoned child thou art,
And heaven is at thy door.]

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