The Carnal Mind and Christ’s Righteousness. 1 Cor. 2. 14

J. Berridge                                     L.M.

[Imputed righteousness is strange,
Nor will with human fancies range;
We guess the lurking motive well,
And Paul the hateful truth shall tell.]

The lofty heart can not submit
To cast itself at Jesus’ feet;
It scorns in borrowed robes to shine,
Though weaved with righteousness divine.

Proud nature cries, with loathing eyes,
“This imputation I despise,”
And from it she will pertly start,
Till grace has broken down her heart.

O give me, Lord, thy righteousness,
To be my peace and wedding dress!
My sores it heals, my rags it hides,
And makes me dutiful besides.

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