Christ the Way. John 14. 6; Isa. 35. 8

J. Cennick                              L.M.

Jesus, my All, to heaven is gone,
He whom I fix my hopes upon;
His track I see, and I’ll pursue
The narrow way, till him I view.

[The way the holy prophets went,
The road that leads from banishment,
The King’s highway of holiness
I’ll go, for all his paths are peace.]

This is the way I long have sought,
And mourned because I found it not;
My grief, my burden long has been,
Because I could not cease from sin.

The more I strove against its power,
I sinned and stumbled but the more;
Till late I heard my Saviour say,
“Come hither, soul, I AM THE WAY.”

Lo! glad I come; and thou, blest Lamb,
Shalt take me to thee as I am;
Nothing but sin I thee can give;
Nothing but love shall I receive.

Then will I tell to sinners round,
What a dear Saviour I have found;
I’ll point to thy redeeming blood,
And say, “Behold the way to God.”


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