Free Salvation.  Ps. 68. 20;  Isa. 45. 17;  Acts 4. 12

J. Adams                   8.7.4.

Jesus is our great salvation,
Worthy of our best esteem;
He has saved his favourite nation;
Join to sing aloud of him.
He has saved us!
Christ alone could us redeem.

When involved in sin and ruin,
And no helper there was found,
Jesus our distress was viewing;
Grace did more than sin abound.
He has called us,
With salvation in the sound.

[Let us never, Lord, forget thee;
Make us walk as children here.
We will give thee all the glory
Of that love that brought us near.
Bid us praise thee,
And rejoice with holy fear.]

Free election, known by calling,
Is a privilege divine;
Saints are kept from final falling;
All the glory, Lord, be thine!
All the glory,
All the glory, Lord, is thine!

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