Saving Faith.  Mark 16. 16;  Acts 10. 43; 16. 31

J. Hart                                     8s

The sinner that truly believes,
And trusts in his crucified God,
His justification receives,
Redemption in full through his blood;
Though thousands and thousands of foes
Against him in malice unite,
Their rage he through Christ can oppose,
Led forth by the Spirit to fight.

Not all the delusions of sin
Shall ever seduce him to death;
He now has the witness within,
Rejoicing in Jesus by faith.
This faith shall eternally fail
When Jesus shall fall from his throne;
For hell against both must prevail,
Since Jesus and he are but one.

The faith that lays hold on the Lamb,
And brings such salvation as this,
Is more than mere notion or name;
The work of God’s Spirit it is;
A principle active and young,
That lives under pressure and load;
That makes out of weakness more strong,
And draws the soul upwards to God.

[It treads on the world and on hell;
It vanquishes death and despair;
And, what is still stranger to tell,
It overcomes heaven by prayer;
Permits a vile worm of the dust
With God to commune as a friend;
To hope his forgiveness is just,
And look for his love to the end.]

[It says to the mountains, “Depart,”
That stand betwixt God and the soul;
It binds up the broken in heart,
And makes their sore consciences whole;
Bids sins of a crimson-like dye
Be spotless as snow, and as white;
And makes such a sinner as I
As pure as an angel of light.]

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