True and False Faith.  Acts 15. 9;  Rom. 5. 1, 2

J. Hart                       S.M.

Faith’s a convincing proof,
A substance sound and sure,
That keeps the soul secured enough,
But makes it not secure.

[Notion’s the harlot’s test,
By which the truth’s reviled;
The child of fancy, finely dressed,
But not the living child.]

Faith is by knowledge fed,
And with obedience mixed,
Notion is empty, cold, and dead,
And fancy’s never fixed.

True faith’s the life of God;
Deep in the heart it lies;
It lives and labours under load;
Though damped, it never dies.

Opinions in the head,
True faith as far excels
As body differs from a shade,
Or kernels from the shells.

[To see good bread and wine,
Is not to eat and drink;
So some who hear the word divine,
Do not believe, but think.]

True faith refines the heart,
And purifies with blood;
Takes the whole gospel, not a part,
And holds the fear of God.

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