Hoping on the Ground of Eternal Adoption.  Gal. 4. 5

J. Stevens                                          11s

Great Father of glory, how rich is thy grace!
What wonderful love is displayed in thy face!
In Jesus thy image with brightness we view,
And hope to be formed to that likeness anew.

By favour adopted, thy sons we appear,
And led by thy Spirit, we boldly draw near;
In Jesus belovèd, and washed in his blood,
With hope we adore at the footstool of God.

The man who is blessèd with hope in the cross,
Is freed from the bondage of guilt and the curse;
The blood of his Surety by faith he reviews,
While hope in that fountain his spirit renews.

The world knows us not; but in this we rejoice,
To God we’re no strangers, but objects of choice.
His love from eternity gave us a home,
Where now we are hoping in safety to come.

Arrayed in obedience, all wrought by the Lamb,
By Christ our Jehovah, the ancient I AM;
With boldness we journey, while Christ leads us on,
And hope soon in glory to praise the Three-One.


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