Singleness of Eye.  Prov. 4. 25;  Matt. 6. 21-23

J. Berridge                    S.M.

To Canaan art thou bound?
Walk on in Jesus’ might;
But mark, the way is holy ground,
And needs a heart upright.

Make Jesus all thy peace,
And make him all thy arm;
Rely alone upon his grace,
To guard from every harm.

[To Jesus some will pray,
Yet not with single eye;
They turn their eyes another way,
Some creature-help to spy.

In darkness such are held;
And bound in legal fear,
A double eye is in the child,
The heart is not sincere.

Such find no gospel rest,
But into bondage fall,
The Lord will not uphold thy breast,
Till he is all in all.]

Lord, give me single sight,
And make it strong and clear,
So will my soul be full of light,
And feel the Saviour near.

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