Christ’s Example.  Phil. 2. 3-5;  Ps. 133. 1

R. Burnham                         8.7.

Jesus, Source of our salvation,
May we now thy nature know;
Then more bowels of compassion
We to thy dear saints shall show.
May the grace thou hast imparted,
In relieving our complaints,
Make us kind and tender-hearted
To the feeblest of thy saints.

When they are severely tempted,
We their sorrows would assuage,
Knowing we are not exempted
From the tempter’s furious rage.
If by sin they’re overtaken,
We’d their faults to them declare;
But in strains of much compassion,
Lest we drive them to despair.

Keep us from a proud appearance,
In whate’er we do or say;
Fill us with divine forbearance;
Then how happy we shall be!
Hand in hand we would be walking,
Eyeing Jesus’ new command;
Of his love we’d e’er be talking,
Till we reach fair Canaan’s land.

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