“He careth for you.”  1 Pet. 5. 7;  Ps. 55. 22

J. Newton                        7s

Now I see, whate’er betide,
All is well if Christ be mine;
He has promised to provide;
May he teach me to resign.

When a sense of sin and thrall
Forced me to the sinner’s Friend,
He engaged to manage all,
By the way and to the end.

“Cast,” he said, “on me thy care;
’Tis enough that I am nigh;
I will all thy burdens bear;
I will all thy needs supply.”

Lord, I would indeed submit;
Gladly yield my all to thee;
What thy wisdom sees most fit,
Must be surely best for me.

Only when the way is rough,
And the coward flesh would start,
Let thy promise and thy love
Cheer and animate my heart.

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