Conflict.  Matt. 14. 31

W. Hammond                        7s

Will my doubting ne’er be o’er?
Will the Lord return no more?
When shall I the Saviour see,
And be sure he died for me?

How I waver to and fro,
Rising high and sinking low!
Now to heaven I aspire,
Now to shades of death retire.

When a glimpse of hope appears,
Soon ’tis lost in doubts and fears.
O! I fear ’tis all a cheat!
Keep me, Lord, from self-deceit.

Lord, thy light, thy love display;
All my darkness chase away;
Everlasting peace restore;
Bid me disbelieve no more.

Put thy Spirit in my heart;
Bid my doubts and fears depart;
When thy face shall on me shine,
I shall know and feel thee mine.

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