The Trial of Faith.  Ps. 11. 5;  Mal. 3. 3

J. Kent                                   104th

Jehovah has said, ’tis left on record,
“The righteous are one with Jesus the Lord;”
At all times he loves them; ’twas for them he died;
Yet oftimes he proves them, for grace must be tried.

When faint in the way, or lifeless and cold,
Or sunk in dismay, and none to uphold;
Yet firm to his promise thy God shall abide;
But grace, though the smallest, shall surely be tried.

[Temptations and sins in legions shall rise,
As spears in thy side or thorns in thy eyes;
And oft, to thy sorrow, his face he shall hide,
For God has determined his grace shall be tried.]

With him on the mount today thou shalt be,
Indulged by thy Lord his glory to see;
There he may caress thee, and call thee his bride,
Yet grace, though he bless thee, shall surely be tried.

[The tempest shall blow, the billows shall swell,
Thy soul, full of woe, shall pass as through hell;
And all this to prove thee, to stain thy cursed pride;
Yet still he will love thee; but grace must be tried.]

He’ll ne’er thee forsake, but surely perform
His word, though he take his way in the storm;
Yea, oft in the clouds of dejection he’ll ride,
For he has determined his grace shall be tried.

He’ll cause thee to bring thy griefs to his throne,
But answers of peace to thee shall send none;
Then sorrow and sadness thy heart shall divide,
Because he’s determined his grace shall be tried.

As gold from the flame, he’ll bring thee at last,
To praise him for all through which thou hast past;
Then love everlasting thy griefs shall repay,
And God from thy eyes wipe all sorrows away.


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