Inconstancy. Ps. 39. 5-7, 11; Job 25. 6

J. Berridge                           7s

Well, at length I plainly see,
Every man is vanity;
In his best and brightest form,
But a shadow or a worm.

Such a shade I am in view,
Empty, dark, and fleeting too;
Such a worm of nothing worth,
Crawling out and in the earth.

[Very foolish, very base,
Notwithstanding Jesus’ grace.
Murmuring oft for gospel-bread,
Growing wanton when full fed.]

[Brisk and dull in half an hour,
Hot and cold, and sweet and sour;
Sometimes grave at Jesus’ school,
Sometimes light, and play the fool.]

What a motley wretch am I!
Full of inconsistency!
Sure the plague is in my heart,
Else I could not act this part.

Let me come unto my Lord,
Self-condemnèd and abhorred;
Take the sinner’s safe retreat,
Lie and blush at Jesus’ feet.

[If my heart is broken well,
God will surely with me dwell;
Yet amazèd I would be,
How the Lord should dwell with me.]

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