“Lord … thou canst make me clean.” Matt. 8. 2

J. Hart                                 7.6.

O the pangs by Christians felt,
When their eyes are open;
When they see the gulfs of guilt
They must wade and grope in;
When the hell appears within,
Causing bitter anguish,
And the loathsome stench of sin
Makes the spirit languish.

Now the heart disclosed, betrays
All its hid disorders,
Enmity to God’s right ways,
Blasphemies and murders;
Malice, envy, lust, and pride,
Thoughts obscene and filthy;
Sores corrupt and putrefied,
No part sound or healthy.

[All things to promote our fall
Show a mighty fitness;
Satan will accuse withal,
And the conscience witness;
Foes within, and foes without,
Wrath, and law, and terrors,
Rash presumption, timid doubt,
Coldness, deadness, errors.]

Brethren, in a state so sad,
When temptations seize us,
When our hearts we feel thus bad,
Let us look to Jesus.
He that hung upon the cross,
For his people bleeding,
Now in heaven sits, for us
Always interceding.

Vengeance, when the Saviour died,
Quitted the believer;
Justice cried, “I’m satisfied,
Now, henceforth, for ever.”
“It is finished,” said the Lord,
In his dying minute;
Holy Ghost, repeat the word,
Full salvation’s in it.

[Leprous soul, press through the crowd
In thy foul condition;
Struggle hard, and call aloud
On the great Physician.
Wait till thy disease he cleanse,
Begging, trusting, cleaving;
When, and where, and by what means,
To his wisdom leaving.]

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