“But thou shalt know hereafter.” John 13. 7

J. Hart                           7.6.

Righteous are the works of God;
All his ways are holy;
Just his judgments, fit his rod
To correct our folly.

All his dealings wise and good,
Uniform, though various;
Though they seem, by reason viewed,
Cross, or quite contrarious.

These are truths, and happy he
Who can well receive them;
Brethren, though we cannot see,
Still we should believe them.

Why through darksome paths we go,
We may know no reason;
Yet we shall hereafter know,
Each in his due season.

Could we see how all is right,
Where were room for credence?
But by faith, and not by sight,
Christians yield obedience.

Let all fruitless searches go,
Which perplex and tease us;
We determine nought to know,
But a bleeding Jesus.

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