“Thou hast guided them in thy strength.” Exod. 15. 13

J. Hart               148th

Mistaken men may brawl
Against the grace of God,
And threat with final fall
The purchase of his blood;
But, though they own the Saviour’s name,
From him such gospel never came.

Shall babes in Christ, bereft
Of God’s rich gift of faith,
Be to their own will left,
And sin the sin to death?
Shall any child of God be lost,
And Satan cheat the Holy Ghost?

Dark unbelief and pride,
With Pharisaic zeal,
We lay you all aside,
And trust a surer seal;
We rest our souls on Jesus’ word,
And give the glory to the Lord.

Led forth by God’s free grace,
And guided by his power,
We reach his holy place,
And live for evermore;
’Twas this place Moses had in view;
Of this he sang, and we sing too.


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