The Burial of a Saint. 1 Cor. 15. 42-44; 1 John 3. 2

J. Hart               8.7.

Sons of God, by blest adoption,
View the dead with steady eyes;
What is sown thus in corruption,
Shall in incorruption rise;
What is sown in death’s dishonour,
Shall revive to glory’s light;
What is sown in this weak manner,
Shall be raised in matchless might.

Earthy cavern, to thy keeping
We commit our [brother’s] dust;
Keep it safely, softly sleeping,
Till our Lord demand thy trust.
Sweetly sleep, dear saint, in Jesus;
Thou with us shalt wake from death;
Hold he cannot, though he seize us;
We his power defy by faith.

Jesus, thy rich consolations
To thy mourning people send;
May we all, with faith and patience,
Wait for our approaching end.
Keep from courage, vain or vaunted,
For our change our hearts prepare;
Give us confidence undaunted,
Cheerful hope and godly fear.

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