Christ’s Love to his Spouse made Known. John 14. 21

W. Gadsby                  8s

I’ll speak forth the love of my Lord,
His praises my tongue shall employ;
He bought me with his precious blood,
Nor Gabriel is loved more than I;
Though pure, he for me was made sin;
Though rich, he for me became poor;
Though free, yet a debtor brought in;
For me he has paid the long score.

[These truths to my heart he proclaimed,
When helpless I stood and distressed,
When I at the bar was arraigned,
With law, sin, and terrors oppressed.
No hand to my help did appear;
The witness against me was true;
Which filled me with horror and fear,
Till Jesus, my Lord, came in view.]

He saw me distressed, and he said,
“Fear not, I procured thy discharge;
I’m Jesus, who lives, and was dead,
And now will I set thee at large.”
Not one in the court did object,
But all gave a smile when he spoke;
He then took the yoke off my neck,
And ravished my soul with his look.

What joy filled my soul, who can tell?
But surely I ne’er shall forget;
My Jesus has all things done well,
And therefore his love I’ll repeat.
To him all the glory belongs;
My soul shall speak well of his name;
He now is the theme of my songs,
And shall be for ever the same.


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