The Man Blessed who Believes in Christ. John 14. 1-3

W. Gadsby            11.8.

How blest is the man who in Jesus believes
And on him can cast all his cares;
A righteousness full and complete he receives,
That hides all his guilt, sin, and fears.

[No creature on earth is more happy than he,
Nor Gabriel himself is more blest;
He lives on the bounty of grace, rich and free –
A glorious, immortal repast.]

Whate’er be his lot, while on earth he resides,
His glory can never depart;
He’s one in the Lord, and in him he abides,
United together in heart.

The time is now fixèd, and soon it will come,
When Christ will his messenger send,
To fetch him from Meshech and carry him home;
And then all his sorrows will end.


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