Saved by Grace. Titus 2. 11-14; Eph. 2. 5, 8

W. Gadsby       C.M.

God is a Spirit, just and wise;
His footsteps who can trace?
His love, more ancient than the skies,
Breaks forth in boundless grace.

In vast eternity he chose
A people for his praise;
And saves them from their guilt and woes,
By his almighty grace.

Redeemed, with Jesus’ blood redeemed,
His beauties called to trace,
No angel can be more esteemed
Than sinners saved by grace.

[Immortal love no change can know
Though clouds surround his face;
All Israel must to glory go,
As trophies of his grace.]

[Satan and sin may vex the mind,
And threaten with disgrace;
But, after all, the saint shall find
He’s saved, and saved by grace.]

The work begun is carried on,
Nor hell can it deface;
The whole elect with Christ are one
And must be saved by grace.

Where Jesus is, there they must be,
And view his lovely face;
And sit to all eternity,
In chanting forth his grace.


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