“Mercy and truth are met together.” Ps. 85. 10

W. Gadsby          8.7.4.

Truth and mercy meet together,
Righteousness and peace embrace;
Each perfection of Jehovah
Meets and shines in Jesus’ face;
Here the Father
Can be just and save by grace.

What a field of consolation!
Here no jarring notes are found;
Zion has a full salvation,
And shall all her foes confound;
Each believer
Has for hope a solid ground.

Justice has no loss sustainèd;
Truth remains in perfect light;
Not an attribute is stainèd;
All in one grand cause unite;
Savèd sinners
Must and shall in God delight.

Here’s a cord which can’t be broken;
O my soul, with wonder tell;
God himself the word has spoken,
Zion in her Lord shall dwell;
And with Jesus
Live in spite of earth and hell.

[O ye much-esteemèd sinners,
Who in Jesus Christ are found,
Rest assured you shall be winners,
Soon with glory shall be crowned;
And for ever
Shall the praise to Christ redound.]


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