Welcome to Jesus. Isa. 44. 22; Dan. 9. 9

W. Gadsby        10s

Poor sinners, sunk in sin’s tremendous cell,
Tormented with the fiery darts of hell,
On Jesus call, though wretched be your case;
He came the lost to seek and save by grace.

What though your sins like mountains on you fall,
And God’s just law with terror fills your soul,
Jehovah Jesus is the sinner’s Friend,
And he has answered all the law’s demand.

’Tis true, in self you have no ground for joy,
Nor can you hope the law to satisfy;
But Jesus’ blood has full atonement made,
And faith therein will make the conscience glad.

Here sinners, black as hell, obtain relief;
A filthy Mary, and a dying thief;
And guilty I, though vile as they could be,
Have proved his mercy sovereign, rich, and free.


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