The Doubting Soul’s Soliloquy. Job 12. 14; Ps. 55. 6

D. Herbert          C.M.

O could I lift this heart of mine
Above these creature things,
I’d fly, and leave this world below,
As though on eagle’s wings.

[But ah! I feel no love at all,
Can neither praise nor pray;
O would the Lord but shine again,
And turn this night to day!]

But whither can I go to lodge
My sorrow and complaint?
Unless the Lord is pleased to shine,
I mope, I grieve, I faint.

I find my striving all in vain,
Unless my Lord is near;
My heart is hard; I’m such a wretch –
Can neither love nor fear.

I ask my soul this question then,
For here I would begin:
O do I feel a want of Christ
To save me from my sin?

The souls redeemed by precious blood
Are taught this lesson well;
’Tis not of him that wills or runs,
But Christ who saves from hell.


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