“Son … thy sins be forgiven thee.” Matt. 9. 2

J. Hart        L.M.

Blessèd are they whose guilt is gone,
Whose sins are washed away with blood,
Whose hope is fixed on Christ alone,
Whom Christ has reconciled to God.

Though, travelling through this vale of tears,
He many a sore temptation meet,
The Holy Ghost this witness bears,
He stands in Jesus still complete.

This pearl of price no works can claim;
He that finds this is rich indeed;
This pure white stone contains a name,
Which none but who receives can read.

This precious gift, this bond of love,
The Lord oft gives his people here;
But what we all shall be above
Does not, my brethren, yet appear.

Yet this we safely may believe,
’Tis what no words will e’er express;
What saints themselves cannot conceive,
And brightest angels can but guess.


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