Privileges of Adoption. Rom. 3. 24

J. Humphreys                                     7s

Blessèd are the sons of God,
They are bought with Jesus’ blood;
They are ransomed from the grave
Life eternal they shall have.

God did love them in his Son
Long before the world began;
They the seal of this receive,
When in Jesus they believe.

They are justified by grace;
They enjoy a solid peace;
All their sins are washed away;
They shall stand in God’s great day!

[They produce the fruits of grace,
Clothed in Jesus’ righteousness;
Born of God, they hate all sin;
God’s pure seed remains within!]

They have fellowship with God,
Through the Mediator’s blood;
One with God, through Jesus one,
Glory is in them begun!

Though they suffer much on earth,
Strangers to the worldling’s mirth,
Yet they have an inward joy,
Pleasures which can never cloy.

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