Jesus my Guide. Ps. 73. 24; 2 Cor. 5. 7

J. Hart         C.M.

Whene’er I make some sudden stop –
For many such I make –
And cannot see the cloud cleared up
Nor know which path to take,

I to my Saviour speed my way,
To tell my dubious state;
Then listen what the Lord will say,
And hope to follow that.

If Jesus seem to hide his face,
What anxious fears I feel!
But if he deign to whisper peace,
I’m happy! all is well.

Confirmed by one soft, secret word,
I seek no further light;
But walk, depending on my Lord,
By faith, and not by sight.

Of friends and counsellors bereft,
I often hear him say,
“Decline not to the right or left;
Go on; lo! here’s the way.”

Weak in myself, in him I’m strong;
His Spirit’s voice I hear.
The way I walk cannot be wrong,
If Jesus be but there.

[He is my Helper and my Guide;
I trust in him alone;
No other helps have I beside;
I venture all on One.]

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