“Reproach hath broken my heart.” Ps. 69. 20

J. Hart             L.M.

O that our flinty hearts could melt,
 While to remembrance, Lord, we call
 Part of that weight which thou hast felt;
 For who can comprehend it all?

Ye sinners, while these symbols dear
 Present your suffering Lord to view,
 Drop the soft tribute of a tear,
 For he shed many a tear for you.

In the sad garden, on the wood,
 His body bruised, from every part
 Poured on the ground a purple flood,
 Till sorrow broke his tender heart.

Lord, while we thus show forth thy death,
 O send thy Spirit from above;
 Help us to feed on thee by faith,
 And sigh, and sing, and mourn, and love.

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