He that eateth this bread shall live for ever. John. 6. 50, 51

J. Hart            C.M.

The tender mercies of the Lord
 On those that fear his name,
 For every thankful tongue afford
 An everlasting theme.

[He pities all that feel his fear,
 When wounded, pained or weak;
 As tender mothers grieve to hear
 Their infants moan when sick.]

He to the needy and the faint
 His mighty aid makes known;
 And, when their languid life is spent,
 Supplies it with his own.

The body in his bounty shares,
 Sustained with corn and wine;
 But for the soul himself prepares
 A banquet more divine.

By faith received, his flesh and blood
 Shall life eternal give;
 For he that eats immortal food,
 Immortally must live.

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