“Shew the Lord’s death till he come.” 1 Cor. 11. 26

J. Hart          7s

Jesus, once for sinners slain,
 From the dead was raised again,
 And in heaven is now set down
 With his Father in his throne.

There he reigns a King supreme;
 We shall also reign with him;
 Feeble souls, be not dismayed;
 Trust in his almighty aid.

He has made an end of sin,
 And his blood has washed us clean;
 Fear not, he is ever near;
 Now, e’en now, he’s with us here.

Thus assembling, we, by faith,
 Till he come, show forth his death;
 Of his body bread’s the sign,
 And we drink his blood in wine.

Bread, thus broken, aptly shows
 How his body God did bruise;
 When the grape’s rich blood we see,
 Lord, we then remember thee.

[Saints on earth, with saints above,
 Celebrate his dying love,
 And let every ransomed soul
 Sound his praise from pole to pole.]

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