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Free Grace Evangelistic Association

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About The Mission

The Free Grace Evangelistic Association was formed by God’s grace in 2010, arising through the foreign visits of the Chairman. By God’s grace very significant openings have arisen in Africa for distribution of Bibles and sound spiritual literature. Despite many thousands of Bibles, New Testaments, Scripture Calendars, books and booklets distributed through FGEA , the unfunded openings for further distribution are still growing.  Approximately 90 orphans are supported in Africa (E Congo) and Asia. A school for very poor children in E Congo has also been built next to the orphanage.

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Current Project

This year, Lord willing, Bethlehem’s Well hopes to assist FGEA in the further distribution of Bibles in Burundi. The need is so

great and many more Bibles have been requested since the start of the distribution in 2021. Kirundi Bibles are expensive (~£15 each), but we have a means to send funds to Burundi for Bibles to be purchased in Bujumbura. At present the most pressing needs are for the purchase and distribution of the Bibles for this very poor country.

In addition to the Bibles for Burundi, the following items are also a priority for us

• Swahili Bibles in southern Dem Rep Congo — KJV Bibles for Philippines

• financial assistance for the orphanage in Asia

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