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Savannah Education Trust Fund

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The Savannah Education Trust provides an education for some of the poorest children in West Africa through the provision of Christian schools in northern Ghana. In communities as poor as these, the purpose of education is not necessarily to improve job opportunities but (over time) to improve the quality of life.

The education is focused both on traditional subjects like literacy, as well as on practical skills like hygiene and farming.

Research shows that a primary education has a direct benefit on crop yields in subsistence farming. The rate of children surviving childhood and infancy increases dramatically when the mother has received even a basic education.

Last year, 2021, we were able to continue helping 2 students (Ruth and Zaccheus) in furthering their education to become teachers at the Savannah Education Trust Schools and provide financial assistance to the construction of the new teacher training and conference centre in Lawra

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Children of the Savannah

Current Project

Many schools, particularly in rural locations, struggle to attract qualified teachers. There is a shortage of teachers generally. This is compounded by the fact that many qualified teachers choose to work in more affluent areas of Ghana. The Trust is supporting both its own Savannah schools and the whole district through a teacher training programme. We are fundraising to help Savanah Education Trust support their schools and teachers. In addition to sponsoring students, we also hope to raise funds to complete the teacher/conference centre and complete the latest school in Lyssah. All these plans are if the Lord will.

10th Anniversary Publication

In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the launch of the charity in 2005, we created an account of the story of the Savannah Education Trust.  We did so with a deep sense of gratitude to God as we look back over our first decade.

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10th Anniversary Publication

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