11s. Trochaic

Hark! ’tis Jesus speaking, speaking words of truth,
Children give attention in your days of youth,
Hark! He speaks in accents, solemn, clear and plain,
Glory’s gates but open to the born again.

Born in sin by nature, captives of the foe;
Blind, and dead, and careless, wandering on to woe,
Sinai thunders loudly, fire and curse and pain;
None are safe a moment but the born again.

Born again’s the mourner, flying to the cross,
Jesus trusting solely, counting earth as dross,
He, through Christ the Saviour, glory shall obtain,
Safe he is for ever, he is born again.

Wearing Jesus’ garment, bowing to His yoke;
Trusting to the promise lips of truth have spoke;
Grace has kindly broken Satan’s cruel chain;
Jesus now’s his sovereign, he is born again.