Isaac was ransomed when he lay
Upon the altar bound;
Moses, an infant cast away,
Pharaoh’s own daughter found.

Joseph, by his false brethren sold,
God raised above them all;
To Hannah’s child the Lord foretold
How Eli’s house must fall.

David the bear and lion slew,
And o’er Gath’s champion trod;
Josiah, from his boyhood, knew
His father David’s God.

To good Naomi gentle Ruth
Clave with a daughter’s soul;
A little maid revealed the truth,
When Naaman was made whole.

Children have thus been made God’s care,
May youths here seek His face;
Since His own Son He did not spare,
O may He give them grace.

Grace, like the young of whom we read,
Early in Him to trust;
A Friend in need, a Friend indeed,
As merciful as just.

That when like them their course they’ve run,
They may find God their Friend,
Safe in the footsteps of His Son,
Conducted to the end.