Kings are often waking kept,
Racked with cares on beds of state;
Never king like Jacob slept,
For he lay at heaven’s gate;
Lo! he saw a ladder reared,
Reaching to the heavenly throne;
At the top the Lord appeared,
Spake and claimed him for His own.

“Fear not, Jacob, thou art Mine,
And My presence with thee goes:
On thy heart My love shall shine,
And My arm subdue thy foes:
From My promise comfort take,
For My help in trouble call,
Never will I thee forsake,
Till I have accomplished all.”

Well does Jacob’s ladder suit,
To the gospel throne of grace;
We are at the ladder’s foot,
Every hour, in every place;
By assuming flesh and blood,
Jesus heaven and earth unites;
We by faith ascend to God,
God to dwell with us delights.