The Lord, how wondrous are His ways!
With humble awe repeat His praise;
His judgments are a deep profound,
Where all our scanty thoughts are drowned.

See how to Jacob’s favourite son
He makes His power and wisdom known;
In him the secrets of His will
He doth mysteriously fulfil.

His brethren hate him, and contrive
His death, by whom they all must live;
He’s sold at last, and made a slave,
That he their guilty lives might save.

Thus Jesus doth His brethren save,
For them His precious life He gave;
He’s hated, sold, condemned, and slain,
But rises, o’er His church to reign.

His brethren bow before His throne,
And all their vile transgressions own:
Jesus, their Brother Jesus, lives,
And, with a smile, their guilt forgives.