“Who is this that calms the ocean?”
Thus they cried, Who were on board,
When they saw the wild commotion
Cease as Jesus spoke the word:
When the sudden calm they saw,
Wonder filled their minds, and awe.

He who bids the tempest riot
On the deep, and makes it swell,
He alone the storm can quiet,
Saying to it, “Peace be still!”
He whose power to all gives birth,
All in heaven and all in earth.

He who calms the sea when raging,
Stills the tumult of the soul;
By His word the storms assuaging,
Storms too furious for control;
But He binds them with His hand,
And they cease at His command.

Ye who, all your hope deriving
From yourselves, have laboured long
To allay the storm by striving,
But have found the storm too strong;
From the hopeless labour cease,
Jesus gives the troubled peace.