A little ship was on the sea,
It was a pretty sight;
It sailed along so pleasantly,
And all was calm and bright.

When lo! a storm began to rise;
The wind grew loud and strong;
It blew the clouds across the skies,
It blew the waves along.

And all but One were sore afraid
Of sinking in the deep;
His head was on a pillow laid,
And He was fast asleep.

“Master, we perish, Master, save,”
They cried; their Master heard:
He rose, rebuked the wind and wave,
And stilled them with a word.

He to the storm says, “Peace, be still!”
The raging billows cease;
The mighty winds obey His will,
And all are hushed to peace.

O well we know it was the Lord,
The coming sinner’s Friend,
Whose care of those who trust His Word
Will never, never end.