“He was moved with compassion.” Matt. 9. 36

S. Barnard   148th

Jesus, we come to meet
With thee, our Lord and King,
To bow before thy feet,
And here thy praises sing:
Compassion on us have, we pray,
And empty send us not away.

May every worldly care
Be banished from our mind;
May we with profit hear;
And peace and comfort find:
Refresh us from thy word, we pray,
And empty send us not away.

Our strength will soon decrease,
Unless our souls be fed;
We feel our health and peace
Depend on living bread.
Thy gracious hand now, Lord, display,
And empty send us not away.

May all true mourners feel
Their grief exchanged for joy;
Thy love to them reveal,
And all their fears destroy:
That when they leave thy house this day,
They may not empty go away.

May all thy children prove
The riches of thy grace;
Each taste redeeming love,
And see thy smiling face:
So shall we all with pleasure say,
We are not empty sent away.

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