Prayer to God the Spirit. 1 Cor. 12. 6-11; 1. 5

J. Newton (altered)   L.M.

O thou, at whose almighty word
The glorious light from darkness sprung,
Thy quickening influence afford,
And clothe with power the preacher’s tongue.

’Tis thine to teach him how to speak;
’Tis thine to give the hearing ear;
’Tis thine the stubborn heart to break,
And make the careless sinner fear.

’Tis also thine, Almighty Lord,
To cheer the poor, desponding heart;
To speak the soul-reviving word,
And bid the mourners’ fears depart.

Thus, while we in the means are found,
We still on thee alone depend
To make the gospel’s joyful sound
Effectual to the promised end.

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