For National Reprieve. Gen. 18. 32

E. Scott   C.M.

When Abram full of sacred awe,
Before Jehovah stood,
And with a humble, fervent prayer,
For guilty Sodom sued;

With what success, what wondrous grace,
Was his petition crowned!
The Lord would spare, if in the place
Ten righteous men be found.

And could a single holy soul
So rich a boon obtain?
Great God, and shall thy remnant cry
And plead with thee in vain?

Britain, all guilty as she is,
Her several saints can boast;
And now their fervent prayers ascend –
And can those prayers be lost?

Are not thy righteous dear to thee
Now, as in ancient times?
Or does this guilty land exceed
Gomorrah in its crimes?

Still there are those who bear thy name,
Here yet is thine abode;
Long has thy presence blessed our land;
Forsake us not, O God!

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