The Promise and Sign of Christ’s Coming. 2 Peter 3

I. Watts   C.M.

Help, Lord, for men of virtue fail;
Religion loses ground;
The sons of violence prevail,
And treacheries abound.

Their oaths and promises they break,
Yet act the flatterer’s part;
With fair deceitful lips thy speak,
And with a double heart.

If we reprove some hateful lie,
How is their fury stirred!
“Are not our lips our own?” they cry;
“And who shall be our Lord?”

[Scoffers appear on every side,
Where a vile race of men
Is raised on seats of power and pride,
And bears the sword in vain.]

Lord, when iniquities abound,
And blasphemy grows bold,
When faith is hardly to be found,
And love is waxing cold –

Is not thy chariot hastening on?
Hast thou not given the sign?
May we not trust and live upon
A promise so divine?

“Yes,” saith the Lord, “now will I rise
And make oppressors flee;
I shall appear to their surprise,
And set my servants free.”

Thy word, like silver seven times tried,
Through ages shall endure;
The men that in thy truth confide
Shall find thy promise sure.

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