Christ a Sanctuary. Ps. 63. 2; 96. 6; Isa. 8. 14

S. Medley                                 L.M.

Jesus, before thy face I fall,
My Lord, my Life, my Hope, my All;
For I have nowhere else to flee,
No sanctuary, Lord, but thee.

[In thee I every glory view,
Of safety, strength, and beauty too;
Beloved Saviour, ever be
A Sanctuary unto me.]

[Whatever woes and fears betide,
In thy dear bosom let me hide;
And, while I pour my soul to thee,
Do thou my Sanctuary be.]

Through life and all its changing scenes,
And all the grief that intervenes,
’Tis this supports my fainting heart,
That thou my Sanctuary art.

Apace the solemn hour draws nigh,
When I must bow my head and die;
But O what joy this witness gives,
Jesus, my Sanctuary, lives!

He from the grave my dust will raise;
I in the heavens will sing his praise;
And when in glory I appear,
He’ll be my Sanctuary there.

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