Christ is Precious. 1 Pet. 2. 4, 7; Ps. 73. 25

S. Medley                      L.M.  

Jesus is precious, says the word;
What comfort does this truth afford!
And those who in his name believe,
With joy this precious truth receive.

To them he is more precious far
Than life and all its comforts are;
More precious than their daily food;
More precious than their vital blood.

[Not health, nor wealth, nor sounding fame,
Nor earth’s deceitful, empty name,
With all its pomp and all its glare,
Can with a precious Christ compare.]

He’s precious in his precious blood,
That pardoning and soul-cleansing flood;
He’s precious in his righteousness,
That everlasting, heavenly dress.

[In every office he sustains,
In every victory he gains,
In every counsel of his will,
He’s precious to his people still.]

As they draw near their journey’s end,
How precious is their heavenly Friend!
And when in death they bow their head,
He’s precious on a dying bed.

In glory, Lord, may I be found,
And, with thy precious mercy crowned,
Join the glad song, and there adore
A precious Christ for evermore.

Chapel 174

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