“The Lord will appear.” Lev. 9. 4; Is. 66. 5

S. Medley           104th

My soul, Lord, inflame with zeal from above,
Thy praise to proclaim and sing of thy love;
To lift up my voice in thanksgiving sincere,
This truth to rejoice in, The Lord will appear.

How joyful this sound, while daily I find
Afflictions abound in body and mind!
It oft has afforded relief from my fear,
To find it recorded, The Lord will appear.

[I have, as I seem, when left in the dark,
Of light not a beam, of love not a spark;
And though thus in pain for an evidence clear,
I can’t wait in vain, for The Lord will appear.]

[A warfare I find without and within,
With legions combined, world, Satan, and sin.
Though sore they annoy me, I’ll be of good cheer,
They cannot destroy me, The Lord will appear.]

My fears sometimes say I never shall find,
In death’s awful day true peace in my mind;
But though thus surrounded, yet, when I come there,
I can’t be confounded, The Lord will appear.

My dust he will raise, and glory he’ll give;
And I to his praise in heaven shall live;
There he will deliver my soul from all fear,
And to me, for ever, The Lord will appear.

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