’Tis all for the best. Rom. 8. 28

S. Medley               104th


My soul, now arise, my passions, take wing;
Look up to the skies, and cheerfully sing;
Let God be the Object in praises addressed,
And this be my subject, ’Tis all for the best.

Search all the world through, examine and see,
And what canst thou view more suited to thee
Than this declaration, in Scripture expressed,
That God, thy Salvation, does all for the best?

Though here, day by day, his love shall see good
Upon thee to lay his fatherly rod;
Yet be not dejected, however oppressed,
Though sorely afflicted, ’tis all for the best.

The beams of his grace are passing all worth,
The smiles of his face are heaven on earth;
When to me he shows them, what joy fills my breast!
And when he withdraws them, ’tis all for the best.

But O, the blest day, and soon ‘twill arise,
When, freed from my clay, I mount to the skies;
Then gladly I’ll enter my heavenly rest,
And there sing for ever, ’Tis all for the best.

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