The Christian’s Prospect of Heaven. John 14. 3

Gospel Mag., 1801              7.6.

Yes, I shall soon be landed
On yonder shores of bliss
There, with my powers expanded,
Shall dwell where Jesus is.

Yes, I shall soon be seated,
With Jesus on his throne,
My foes be all defeated,
And sacred peace made known.

With Father, Son and Spirit,
I shall for ever reign,
Sweet joy and peace inherit,
And every good obtain.

I soon shall reach the harbour,
To which I speed my way,
Shall cease from all my labour,
And there for ever stay.

Sweet Spirit, guide me over
This life’s tempestuous sea;
Keep me, O holy Lover,
For I confide in thee.

O that in Jordan’s swelling
I may be helped to sing,
And pass the river, telling
The triumphs of my King.

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