The Believer’s Treasure. Col. 1. 5, 6; Matt. 6. 20, 21

Gospel Mag., 1796           L.M.

In heaven my choicest treasure lies,
My hopes are placed above the skies;
’Tis Christ, the bright and Morning Star,
Draws my affections from afar.

O that my anxious mind were free
From this vile tenement of clay,
That I might view the immortal Word,
And live and reign with Christ my Lord.

Then should I see, and feel, and know,
What ’tis to rest from sin and woe;
And all my soul be tuned to sing
The praises due to Christ my King.

[Hail, blessed time! Lord, bid me come,
And enter my celestial home,
And drown the sorrows of my breast,
In seas of unmolested rest.]


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