Before Sermon. Deut. 32. 2, 3; Isa. 55. 11

D. Herbert           C.M.

Lord, fill thy servant’s soul today
With pure seraphic fire,
And set his tongue at liberty,
And grant his soul’s desire.

O may he preach the word of God
With energy and power;
May gospel-blessings spread around,
Like a refreshing shower.

May God’s eternal love and grace
Be sweetly felt within;
While he is preaching Christ the Lord,
Who bore our curse and sin.

May burdened sinners lose their load,
And downcast souls rejoice;
May doubting souls believe today
They are Jehovah’s choice.

May Christ be first, and Christ be last,
And Christ be all in all,
Who died to make salvation sure,
And raise us from the fall.

O may thy servant now today
Proclaim salvation free,
As finished by the Son of God,
For such poor souls as we.

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